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>>GROUND CONTROL<< Monday 3.12.2007

Ground Control

This week, we have Jason in the kitchen! His comments:
Figured I'd get an early start on the food pimpin'.
Tonight's fare at Ground Control will be:
Chicken Parmigiana (featuring Crickett's
homemade marinara sauce) -- $5
Hot dogs -- $2
Mini corn dogs -- $2
Croque-monsieur (read: grilled ham & mozzarella cheese sandwich) -- $3
Tater tots -- $2
Hummus & pita -- $3

Being able to get decent food at a nightclub: PRICELESS.
Sounds like a good night for dinner at the club.

Tonight we're having a party for "The Hills Have Eyes 2",
which means t-shirts and other assorted goodies. If you missed
getting a t-shirt at one of the bazillion THHI2 parties last week,
come out tonight and get one.

Also, the second Monday of the month means it's a :WUMPSKATE: night!
(Cuz, you know, you didn't see the posts for it today....) :-P

If you're up for a blockbuster night of dinner & drinks, karaoke, and some
late-night rollerskating hijinks, you're in luck. Ground Control is less than 5
minutes away from World On Wheels, the home of :WUMPSKATE:. This
means you can come out to Ground Control early, get some food and sing a
song or two, and still have plenty of time to get your skate on!

Ground Control - Alternative Karaoke, Eclectic Dance Beats and More
Every Monday Night @ Jewel's Catch One
4067 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles 90019

18+, full bar w/21+ ID, free secure self-parking (walled+guarded)
$4 admission, doors open 7:30pm-2:00am
Dinner from 8pm while supplies last
Free WiFI & Internet Terminals, live video streaming
for more info, check out, or

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