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>>GROUND CONTROL<< Help someone tonight! 12/10/07

You can make a difference tonight, just by attending a fun event.

Tonight, GC is raising money to help Children of Chiapas. Every dollar you donate
can make a HUGE difference to a child without clothing, shelter or an education.
And all you have to do is show up to Ground Control tonight! 100% of tonight's profit
from admission and KJ tips will go to Children of Chiapas. The organization will be
delivering food, survival necessities, clothing, and toys to homeless and impoverished
families in Mexico in just a few weeks. They also provide the same services for families
right here in Los Angeles. Help them out, by coming and having fun tonight
at Ground Control!

Now, we do a great job of making karaoke fun, even for people who don't like it. But if
you're still not into our kind of party, you do have an option. As you may have noticed,
:WUMPSKATE: is having their holiday event tonight as well. It's all-ages, gothic and
industrial rollerskating, right down the street from GC! Check out their MySpace page
for more info. They're accepting donations for Toys For Tots tonight, as well as having
a gothic pajama skate party.

Please, if you have any inclination to get out and have fun, consider us. We're both
trying to make the holidays a little better and brighter for someone less fortunate.

Ground Control - Alternative Karaoke / Eclectic Audio-Visuals / More
Every Monday Night @ Jewel's Catch One
4067 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles 90019
18+, free secure self-parking (walled+guarded)
$4 admission, dinner from 8:30pm while supplies last for more info
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