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>>GROUND CONTROL<< Costumes, fundraising and more!

Wow, there's crazy amounts of love, light and stupid fun
going on tonight at Ground Control! One more costume party tonight,
plus three wonderful women supporting three very worthy charities.
All you have to do is show up, have a snack or some dinner, and
bring a can of food or two. You can even do it in a costume!

First off, tonight is dress-up night. Get ONE MORE DAY'S worth of fun out of that
investment you made in your HALLOWEEN costume. Or wear something entirely
different but entertaining. Like pajamas. Or that fuzzy dinosaur costume you keep
telling people you don't own. :-P

Now, on to more serious but better plans for tonight:

Tonight, our friend Jenz (j3nzie) will be raising funds to take part in
the Walk for Lupus Research. 100% of the contributions to the walk
will fund lupus research, because the Alliance For Lupus Research's
board pays all operating expenses of the walk.

Jenz, like my mother, has lupus. But she's not letting it stop her from doing her part,
so we're doing ours.
100% of tonight's profit from admission will be donated
to the ALR on her behalf to sponsor her walk.

We also have a special guest cook tonight - GC Alumnus DJ L will be joining us,
bringing good food at good prices for another good cause. L lost her mother to Alzheimers,
so she's also participating in a walk to fund Alzheimers research. Any food you buy from her
helps sponsor her in her walk, as well as cash donations in ANY amount.

And last but certainly not least, Ground Control would like to help Nicole (the_raevyn ),
our resident video feed kitty, as
she has adopted a family for the holidays,
on behalf of the Salvation Army.
Gift certificates for ANY amount,
no matter how small or large, from Albertsons or Wal-Mart can help
make the winter survivable for a family of three.
Also, with Thanksgiving coming up,
any canned foods are welcome.
You can find out more about the family
we're helping out by talking to Nicole tonight!

See you there!

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Every Monday Night @ Jewel's Catch One
4067 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90019
18+, Full Bar w/21+ ID, Free Secure Self-Parking (walled+guarded)
$4 admission, doors open 9pm-2am, dinner from 9:30pm

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