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karaoke_junkie's Journal

Voices of Everone
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Love to get up there and give it all you've got? Does closed captioning make you wanna sing?
Do you automatically clap at the end of a song, even when it's off the jukebox!

Then you might be a....KARAOKE JUNKIE!!

This community is for all lovesr of karaoke, whether you like to sing, or just go to watch, laugh and have a good time.

The only rule is be nice to one another, or at least don't be negative.

Feel free to post about what you sang last night, upcoming events and contests, your favorite places to go karaoke, and whatever else your little song bird hearts desire.

***Update: 02/18/02 - Check out the Memories Section for the reviews and recommendations of fellow karaoke junkies on their favorite (and not so favorite) karaoke spots!!